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Choosing Abundance for 2024

In the quiet moments of reflection and rest in early January, I found myself contemplating the Roman God from which January gets its name: Janus, a two-headed man with one face looking forward and the other face looking backward. I chose this quiet time after the festivities of Christmas and the New Year to do like Janus, gently reflecting back on 2023 (and what a year it was) but also looking forward into 2024.

This time of year for me isn't about resolutions; I haven't made a resolution for as long as I can remember. Its more about celebrating they year past and gently planning the next based on a guiding word.

Looking Back

In a nutshell 2023 was transformative! I discovered my true path as an artist, educator, and inspiration facilitator through a self-directed sketchbook project. Creating handmade sketchbooks each month, filled with seasonal inspiration, helped me find my authentic voice. Connecting with people worldwide, some returning to creativity after life-changing events, has been incredibly rewarding. My social media engagement sky-rocketed, my email newsletter subscription quintupled, I made an online course, my very first and nearly a hundred people joined. You can read more here.

In 2024 I'm resolutely following my creative path.

Looking Forward

So I know where I would like to head, although I'm not sure of the directions or the route quite yet. I know the essence of what I wish to manifest for the year, but I don't quite know what it looks like. So, as well as looking back over the previous 12 months my January has also been about about gently looking forward into the coming year and embarking on my annual activity of choosing a guiding principle, a North Star for my journey.

After much introspection, I settled on a word that echoed with promise and potential – "Abundance." I chose Abundance not merely a state of having plenty but more about mindset, a way of approaching life with gratitude and a profound appreciation for the richness that exists in every moment. As I embark on this new year, I invite you to join me in exploring the depth and beauty that the word "Abundance" can bring into our lives.

The Power of Words:

Words are potent vessels that can carry us to places both known and unexplored. "Abundance" resonated with me on many levels – a reminder to celebrate and be open to an abundance of ideas, of opportunities, an abundance mindset as opposed to scarcity when exploring with my art materials and abundance of possibilities of what the year may hold.

I will be checking in regularly with my word and tracking how it goes and how it impacts all areas of life. Whether it's the abundance of creativity sparked by a simple frosty dog walk or the abundance of strength found in facing challenges, I will share this journey with you as the year unfolds.

So to conclude:

As I navigate the months ahead with "Abundance" as my guiding light, I invite you to reflect on your own word of the year. What resonates with you? What word encapsulates the essence of the journey you envision for yourself? If you struggle to choose why not check out my blog post where I share the process I use to choose mine.

And if you would like to see how previous words of the year have impacted my life you can read about 2022 and Align right here

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