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losing your way and finding it again...

I've realised that with all of the work on the new website I've been all caught up with getting my products in the shop, posting regularly on social media, whilst having time to paint and fill my sketchbooks. At the weekend I had some time to reflect and start to properly plan for 2021, thinking about what I would like to achieve and how I want my business to progress. Part of this plan is to start to communicate with you, my audience, again.

I used to blog regularly and I used to love it. From 2007, just after finishing my Foundation Course in Art and Design when I first discovered blogs, up until 2014, when I had been running my creative business for several years, I gradually built up my readership and following. But something happened in 2014 and I ran out of ideas, motivation and steam. I wonder whether I lost my way a little. Looking back I think i did. Having pursued the commercially popular illustrative strand of my work that then became the staple of my business identity for 5 years I realise I had strayed away from my passion, which lies in the colour and texture landscape.

As time passed it became more obvious and I felt my work change direction. I started to explore landscapes in my sketchbooks, taking art courses, trying to loosen up, knowing what kind of art I wanted to paint but not knowing how to do it. At times I did worry about such a drastic change and how this would be perceived by my customers but I had to follow my heart. Studying on my Art therapy Masters also helped me to see my work and engage with it in a totally different way and it helped me to realise my 'why'. t has been a long journey, but I feel I'm getting closer to where I want to be. A 'treat to myself' art course last year had really helped me to move my work forward.

I guess the moral of the story is that we change, our creativity changes, we lose our way and we find it again. We don't have to be defined by one thing, but we can be many, and the thing which is the most important to be is to be true to ourselves...

So I'm glad you're here to join me on the next part of my creative journey, thanks for joining me.

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