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Living a truly authentic creative life

In my last post I talked about the process of writing my Artist Manifesto, one of the initial steps in my recently joined Connected Artist Club journey. This process wasn't a quick one and took me a while to formulate. One of the most important parts of it for me is my wish to live a truly authentic creative life. For me this means following my dream to make sure each day has creativity at the heart of it.

During the beginning of lockdown 2020 I was in the great position of only working two days a week in my pharmacy job. I'd qualified the year before as an Art therapist and had a few interesting opportunities lined up but they all went very quiet when Covid-19 hit. I had purposely left space in my week for my art (taking part in the amazing Find Your Joy 10 week art course and joining an artists membership group). I was painting as much as I could. I knew this would be one of those 'once in a lifetime' periods of life where free time was plentiful, social occasions were zero so there were no other demands on my time. I made the most of having five whole days to paint, garden, read and just be.

Fast forward to Summer 2020 and I had been lucky enough to get an art therapy job in an amazing organisation. I was now working two days a week in each job and on the fifth day trying to squeeze in time for my art, It was a challenge but it was great to be starting my new chosen career as well as having the familiar warm comfort blanket of a profession and job I have worked in for a long time. Juggling three jobs has been an enjoyable challenge but I've known for some time something had got to give. I felt there just wasn't enough time for it all. At times like that you have to work out what is most important and what you need to prioritise to be your happiest self.

It was writing my artist manifesto that helped me to see a way forward and from September I'm VERY HAPPY (read 'ecstatically excited') to report that I will be one step closer to 'living a truly authentic creative life' as I drop one day of my pharmacy job and make space in my week once again for creativity, whatever form that takes. I'm hoping the increased time spent on building my art business will start to pay off as well as exploring new exciting avenues in the Art Therapy profession.

I am very much of the mindset 'leap and the net will appear' having taken a similar chance years ago leaving a job without a new one to go to. Change is scary right? Knowing something is the right thing to do and actually doing it can take time. It has taken me weeks (read months) of to-ing and fro-ing for me to actually take the necessary actions but once I made the decision I felt like a weight had been lifted. I'm ready for the new challenges life will bring and I'm hoping that spending more time on my art and art therapy will pay off, in terms of both job satisfaction and day-to-day happiness. Life, after all, is too short to be doing things you don't enjoy.

So if you have also been in quandary about a big decision and you're sitting on the fence - take note. We only have one chance at this life of ours, make it count!!

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