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Creative Wellbeing for Menopause Workshops with Sue Bulmer and Debbie Bryan

Sometimes when you are self-employed as an Artist you can become quite isolated when, like me, you work in your studio at the top of the garden. The rest of the world can seem a million miles away as we get caught up in our creative processes and the time begins to fly by. While I love the online community, I do like to stay connected with other artists, organisations and creative people in real life and this year is turning out to be a great one for face to face collaborations.

I'm so excited to announce my collaboration with the fantastic Debbie Bryan Shop in Nottingham. I have already worked with Debbie before when she was my Creative Mentor several years ago. You may have seen the blog I wrote about this experience here. We go back a long way and I have always really enjoyed her innovative and creative approach to business.

I approached Debbie earlier this year with an idea I’d had about running Creative Well-being Workshops for women experiencing the Peri-Menopause and Menopause. I asked whether her and her team would be interested in collaborating and I was thrilled when they said yes! We have developed an exciting and inspiring programme of Well-being workshops which we will be delivering across the summer months of this year.

Ever since I studied Art Psychotherapy I have been spreading the word about the many benefits of living a more creative life. It's my mission to help people to experience the enjoyment creativity can bring to our lives. From reducing stress hormones, to helping improve self-confidence and self esteem it really can change lives!

The Details:

In the elegant surroundings of the Debbie Bryan Studio in the historic Lace Market in Nottingham we will be engaging the senses with this unique workshop series, mixing Positive Affirmations with Clay Play, Weaving our Stories with textiles and vintage lace, Mindful Mandalas and scented candle making, and Handmade Journals and cyanotype printing.

We will come together to explore our experiences of life transitions and creativity in a safe and confidential space. You can find out more and book your tickets by clicking the links below. Spaces are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

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