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Being part of an artist membership

You may have read my recent blog posts about working with other creative business mentors, life coaches and guides. These relationships have provided me with a huge amount of support, creative direction, life changes and lightbulb moments throughout my creative career and I wouldn't change any of these experiences for all the tea in China. They have helped me get to where I am in life and that is a place I am happy to be.

I wanted to share with you another way you can gain support and connection with other like-minded people, and that's by joining an Artist Membership. There are many of them out there but I wanted to tell you about one that I have very recently rejoined - Connected Artist Club with artist Alice Sheridan. It's a fantastic space that Alice has created and it's especially for artists who want to take their practice and their creative business to the next level, Alice describes the community hub as a 'treasure trove' of resources and having been a member previously I can totally attest to that.

I originally joined in May of 2021. I had been hanging my nose over it every time Alice opened up the membership to new people, but up until then it has never been the right time for me, either time-wise (due to my Masters studies and other courses I was taking) or financially (due to my Masters studies!!).

May 2021 was the right time and I made the commitment and joined, determined to prove I was serious about building my creative business by investing in myself. I had taken a step into a new phase of my creative career and it felt really good. I spent the following 18 months soaking up the content like a sponge, utilising all of the amazing tools Alice has created and shares with her members.

The benefits to me, my mindset and my business were phenomenal and on many levels. I made new connections and creative friends and even met Helen Conway, who I later went on to work with in a coaching capacity, which I talk about here. Using the prompts and worksheets Alice provided I was able to think more deeply about where I was and where I wanted to be. I wrote my Artist Manifesto which helped me to put this down into words and I started to track my metrics to see how this new mindset was playing out in real time. I knew I wanted to live and fully authentic creative life and this task helped me to nail this in words. Writing it down has helped it to come true. I've now given up my old non-creative job and now spend my time in a job I love as an Art Psychotherapist and am a practicing artist as well.

I decided to leave the group in October 2022 due to other commitments but I really missed it. As well as weekly calls, work reviews and live Facebook chats, the support from the Facebook group of other creative people left a huge hole. I wondered about contacting Alice and telling her I thought I'd made a mistake but I left it a while to see whether this was just a big phase of FOMO or whether I really did feel this way.

Thankfully Alice opened the membership for the month of May. I had a holiday, did a lot of thinking and decided to rejoin. Life has changed so much this year, I can feel big changes on the horizon and I feel that being part of Connected Artist Club is what I need to support me and help me to grow into the next stages of whatever that is.

The membership is open until 31st May - only two more days!! If this is something you've been sat on the fence about, take my advice, JOIN!! You honestly will not regret it!! Membership won't open again until 2024 so it's now or a long wait until next time!!

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