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Hello & Welcome

Want to know how I sustain my creativity throughout the Autumn & Winter months?

I've written a Seasonally Aligned Guide sharing my own tips, tricks and hacks to help sustain my creative energy through the Autumn and Winter months.


It contains 20+20 ideas with additional resources such as books, podcasts and downloads, to help keep the creative juices flowing through the darker colder months of the year.


About Me

My name is Sue Bulmer

I am a Nottinghamshire based artist and Art Psychotherapist, from the North of England, with a passion for colour and contrast. I am inspired by natural cycles and the changing seasons, how they alter the landscape visually and texturally.

I am fascinated by the concept of  seasonal alignment and how the seasons impact us as humans, our energy, our creativity and our inner worlds. 

I make my art , from a place of seasonal sensitivity and awareness,  in the studio at the top of my garden, inspired by the constantly changing natural world and the daily gifts it offers us.

I believe we are all creative souls and I am a passionate advocate for the well being benefits of living a more creative life.

My online course, Creative Soul Sketchbooks, is available NOW!!

Join me for a tailor-made online self-study course about Sketchbooks and Creativity that I have developed just for YOU. With over FOUR HOURS of video content, I will guide you step-by-step as you make your very own handmade sketchbook journal. I share EIGHT separate techniques for making different formats of sketchbooks as well as bonus content sharing EIGHT techniques for making pockets, inserts and mini-books.


I share with you an exclusive glimpse into my vast collection of sketchbooks and creative journals to help you to visualise how versatile and varied sketchbook practice can be and inspire you to make your own.


Sharing my own unique creative process, developed over years of using sketchbooks in my creative practice, as well as my favourite creative techniques, I demonstrate how you can fill your pages with vibrant, expressive marks and colours, leaving you with a sketchbook you can treasure for years to come.

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