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Inspiring you to unlock & nurture your artistic potential & live your best creative life


Hello & Welcome


I'm Sue - Artist, Educator and Inspiration Facilitator

​Have you ever felt stuck in a creative rut, like you want to create but you don't know where to start? Or maybe you're overwhelmed by too many ideas and can't make a decision? Or perhaps your inner critic is telling you that you aren't good enough and you're not a real artist or you're scared of making a mess?​


I hear you and I've been there myself so I know how you might be feeling.​ Whatever the source of your creative block, you're in the right place.


​I believe we are all creative souls and I am a passionate advocate for the well being benefits of living a more creative life. ​I'm an Artist & Art Psychotherapist, with a deep understanding (and personal experience) of the many benefits of living a more creative life and the barriers and beliefs that stop us.


I'm so glad you're here.​ Join me as I share my creative inspiration with you and help you break through the negative beliefs holding you back so you can go on to nurture your creativity and live your best creative life.​

Want to know about my FREE five day online course?


I've put this course together just for you. It takes you on a journey of creative discovery, from colour mixing, to making collage papers, filling a large sheet of paper with expressive marks. We then go searching for hidden treasure and we make a beautiful book with the precious jewels we find.


Learn new skills, develop your creative practice and enjoy the process!


My online course, Creative Soul Sketchbooks, is available NOW!!

Join me for a tailor-made online self-study course about Sketchbooks and Creativity that I have developed just for YOU. With over FOUR HOURS of video content, I will guide you step-by-step as you make your very own handmade sketchbook journal. I share EIGHT separate techniques for making different formats of sketchbooks as well as bonus content sharing EIGHT techniques for making pockets, inserts and mini-books.


I share with you an exclusive glimpse into my vast collection of sketchbooks and creative journals to help you to visualise how versatile and varied sketchbook practice can be and inspire you to make your own.


Sharing my own unique creative process, developed over years of using sketchbooks in my creative practice, as well as my favourite creative techniques, I demonstrate how you can fill your pages with vibrant, expressive marks and colours, leaving you with a sketchbook you can treasure for years to come.

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