About Me

Having grown up on  farm in the North-East of England I have always loved spending time outdoors. I remember daily life being governed by the seasons, from the cold snowy winters with biting north easterly winds blowing in from the sea to spring time when snowdrops appeared in the garden, the land thawed and everything started to grow. Then the more balmy summer days accompanied by the unforgettable smell of freshly cut corn during the harvest months followed quickly by autumn, blackberries being picked, leaves changing colour and fields ploughed, changing the landscape once again, marking the passing of time.

I now live in rural Nottinghamshire, where I love to explore the local footpaths and countryside with my dog. I make my art from my studio at the top of my cottage garden. 

Having studied Art and Design at Foundation level in 2007 I set up my business selling my highly detailed, monochrome illustrative work in 2011, going on to exhibit and sell my work nationally. Since that time I have gone through many changes on a personal level, as I went on to study a Masters in Art Therapy in 2017. This naturally led to significant transformation and a deeper connection to my creative work as I rediscovered and explored my interest and passion for the landscape. My work is now more expressive, energetic and colourful and enables me to articulate my internal transformation as an artist.