Word for the Year – Patience

Word for the Year – Patience

Earlier this year I had the good fortune to meet up with a good friend of mine, Gillian Lee Smith, for a catch up, a cup of tea, mince pie and a good old chinwag. Gillian blogs regularly about her work and what’s going on in her creative life so I always feel as I’m in touch with her even when I don’t see her but every now and then we always carve out a little time in our diaries for a get together and I always look forward to this time, finding our chats inspiring and motivating.
I’d already written here in my blog about making the time this year to connect more with my creative friends and acquaintances so this little meet up was timed to perfection. We managed to cram 3.5 hours full of chatter, bouncing ideas, asking each other questions about our own ponderings, into what only seemed like an hour or so as the time spent together flew by without us noticing.I came away from our chat with a renewed feeling of excitement and enthusiasm for this next part of my own creative journey. One of the things Gillian had suggested to me this week via the blog was the concept of One Word for the Year. She thought it might help me to simplify my goals for the year. It’s so easy to try to tackle multiple issues and tasks, writing a mammoth list of things I need to do this year, a habit I’m trying to step away from a bit. So choosing just one word sounded like the perfect solution to recent feelings of being overwhelmed by everything creative.


This process was all about replacing resolutions (which I’m not really into anyway) with JUST ONE WORD, your touchstone or guide for the coming year. I pondered as to which I should choose, after all there are so many words… Choosing one word is meant to help give you clarity and focus rather than attempting to spread yourself too thinly by attempting too many different things. The more I read the more I liked the sound of this new idea.

The word I chose for 2014 was PATIENCE. I think as we are are nearing the far end of the year it’s time to reevaluate how I think I’ve done being patient, the struggle and successes, and whether it had helped me at all….

So have I stuck to my word? I would like to think that even though I haven’t felt more patient I have been more patient with myself. I have given myself time to just ‘be’ and to enjoy not working on my business. I listened to myself and took action in a non-action kind of way. I gave myself space when I needed it and my patience has paid off in the fact that I now feel ready to embrace the next part of the journey. And I also have three more months left to practice my word and to think of a new one for next year.


If you could describe your year in a word what would it be?


  1. Jenny Andersson
    September 23, 2014

    Wow, that’s a very difficult challenge. Tough is how I would describe 2014 so far. I think I will choose for my year to start on October 1st. And I will choose Action. A time for taking action rather than just thinking.

  2. Jacqui Malpass
    September 23, 2014

    My word would be two ‘spiritual awakening’ although it could just be awakening. It has been an illuminating year which has seen massive change. Divorced, moved country, new friends and a new way of living.