winter blues are fading

winter blues are fading

Hello there dear blog readers (although I bet there aren’t many of you left as it’s been so long). It’s lovely to be back in blogland again, after such a long absence, last time I posted was before Christmas 2015. I had planned at the end of last year to blog once a month throughout 2016, to keep you all up to date with my ‘creative exploratory’ endeavours and give you a peep into what’s going on behind the scenes in the studio these days.

Then January hit and I seemed to fall out of sync with myself, my business and pretty much everything else. Getting out of bed in the morning for our 6.30 dog walk became such a chore, and I felt really low. My energy levels and motivation to do very much at all were low, I lost all interest in anything within the four walls of my beautiful studio and I wondered many times what I was actually trying to achieve with this creative venture. Many times I even thought about closing my business down, taking a break from it all for a few years and starting again when I felt more like it. I had even started to dread my studio days, somethings previously unheard of, but I found myself wandering listlessly around the house, procrastinating and feeling rubbish about wasting my time.

Luckily this seasonal lull was just that…. seasonal and a lull. I feel like I’m coming out of the other side of it now. This has been helped by a week’s break to Northumberland in a lovely cottage near the coast, spending lots of time outside walking, lots of time sleeping and reading, watching films and eating lovely food. Also as the days are getting longer and the weather is warming up I can feel myself getting back to normal. I kept saying throughout the winter I felt as thought my batteries had run out of charge and there just didn’t seem enough daylight to charge them back up again….. Hopefully that’s all changing now as balance is once again restored. And next year, remind me in October before we change the clocks, to buy a light box, start to take vitamin D supplements and to book a holiday somewhere warm in February….

So now what? Well I’ve completed a super ecourse by Pauline Agnew, so I’ve got lots to show you from that. I’ve also taken part in a photography course in January and in April I’m starting a pottery course. So I’m keeping creatively busy. I’ve found my enthusiasm for my illustration business returning and have even come up with some new ideas for a new range of prints. I’ve also got some new stockists that I will be working with this year and will be holding my Open Studio again on May 7th and 8th as part of the Open Studios Notts…..

From the depths of winter when I was contemplating seriously giving up my creative business and closing it down I’m pleased to say that now spring is here and those batteries are recharged those negative thoughts are all behind me and I’m back… Keep watching for more news about the Open Studio soon….