winds of change

Posted on Oct 18, 2016 in inspiration, thoughts and ponderings | No Comments

So things have been super quiet on the blog lately…. It’s been five months since I blogged last (oh the blogging shame of it!!). In fact over the past two years I have really struggled to keep up with the prolific blogging of my previous blog. Looking back at the time I was really into regularly blogging it was when I was on an exponential learning curve with my creative business and I had loads of new experiences to share, my first trade fair and what worked well, learning about my target audience and how to reach them, how to successfully apply (and be accepted) to the best selling shows etc etc etc. I was learning and soaking up all these new experiences like a sponge and if others could benefit from what I was learning I wanted to share it with them.

Since that time a lot has happened in my little life. I left a long term job of 13 years working with a team of my favourite people without a new one to go to, I made a new website for my business, planning some time to concentrate solely on my art. I then got a new job, initially temporary then becoming permanent and felt the exciting new creative plans slide. I was in the great position of still having two days a week to spend on my business but my motivation had dwindled and my creativity seemed to dry up. Since then life has just been carrying on and I haven’t had a lots of ‘creative news’ to share, hence not a lot of blogging has been going on! But the winds of change have been stirring….

Having felt myself becoming creatively disillusioned I’ve been flitting between the idea of giving up on my business completely, closing down my website and going back to art ‘just for me’ on the one hand and then thinking of continuing in some form as the thought of giving it all up just seems so wrong. This has led to a fluctuating (but on the whole quite substantial) period of inertia. I knew something needed to change but I just wasn’t sure what.

Then out of the blue I got the opportunity to work with a Life Coach. I initially wondered how working with a coach could help me and my creative quandary and whether I would gain any benefits from the process but I decided to give it a whirl anyway, after all what did I have to lose? Over the course of the following six months we had regular conversations, initially quite generalised ones about ‘life’ and its many components and I soon discovered areas in my life I felt I wasn’t 100% happy with and wanted to improve. It was from there that we began to pinpoint specific areas for improvement and each time we spoke we came up with an action list for me to work on until our next chat. Being a person motivated by the addictive feeling of ticking things off lists this worked really well for me. I felt accountable to someone else which gave me more reason to act. But I will say, from initial feelings of scepticism about the process, I can now hold up my hand and say how wrong I was about my preconceptions.

Thanks to Rebecca at coachforcreatives I’ve had my ‘eureka’ moment of clarity and I know now what’s next for me on my creative journey. I still feel tentative about announcing my plans because then they will become real in a whole new way but as I always do like to share what’s happening in my little creative world i can’t keep my mouth shut for much longer!!

I’ve decided to apply to study for a Masters in Art Therapy!! My online application has been filled in and submitted and if I’m accepted onto the course I will start next September for two years!! I’m going back to school!!! Am feeling excited and nervous at the same time so I’ve also enrolled on an introductory course at the British Association of Art Therapists in London next month so I can find out a bit more about the profession and whether it really could be what I’m looking for.

As well as this major breakthrough coaching has also helped me to get back into regular yoga practice, something I’d been meaning to do for years and had never quite got around to it. I’ve also enrolled for some voluntary work on a local art project, and it has also helped me reach out to other creatives and explore many exciting new avenues. I’m increasing my hours in my day job to save up for the course but at the same time I’m feeling renewed enthusiasm for my art business. I feel I’ve found my point again and cannot thank Rebecca enough for helping me on my journey.

So if you’re feeling like you have been suffering from any of the issues or feelings I’ve mentioned here and think you would benefit from working with a coach Rebecca is offering a free coaching session to new clients (link to website) where you can find out a bit more about the whole process. Hand on heart, I don’t think I would a have got to where I am now and made any of the decisions I’ve recently made without her help and input….