walking 1000 miles

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walking 1000 miles

This year I have challenged myself to walk 1000 miles, a challenge which I read about on one of my walking magazines. As well as the personal challenge I thought it might help to counteract the effects on my new job, which involves a lot of sitting down (my previous job meant I was on my feet all day and the change to a more sedentary day job was starting to take it’s toll on my waistline). I’ve always loved walking, it has formed the basis of many a memorable holiday and many happy memories, also being a dog-owner means I have to do it a lot, but taking up the 1000 mile challenge has added a new dimension to my habit. It has meant that as well as exercising my Border Collie I have also had to get out more regularly than I probably would have done. It has become a new habit and I’m really enjoying it.


Working my way through the Unearth Gather Create e-course I have found myself examining the things in my life that I really love. This weekend I’ve been lucky enough to immerse myself in something I really do love, walking in the beautiful Great British countryside. Even though I’ve felt a little under the weather, suffering from my first cold in ages, getting out in the bright autumn sunshine has left me feeling energised and ready to tackle to week ahead. It has also meant that I’ve been out and about with my camera, taking snaps of my colourful inspiration and being able to take it home with me to help inform some new images which are bubbling away in my head.



Here are a few of the photos I’ve taken this weekend near where I libe and some of the experimental images I’ve been working on in the studio. Hope you like them… I’m loving the strong lines of the fields, experimenting with colour, translating what I see into simplified shapes and reflecting the vibrant colours of the autumn landscape. I’m also really enjoying using the techniques and new media I’ve been learning about on the ecourse and putting my own stamp on how I use them in the imagery I want to portray.