my word for the year, the meaning of which this week was questioned by my dear husband – his understanding of it was food or drink when the reason I had chosen it was for its other meaning – the ability to sustain something, in particular the forward motion of my creative and business. This got me thinking and I suppose his meaning of it gives me the ability to sustain my forward motion. If I provide sustenance for mind body and soul this will inevitably lead me forward.

So in my bid to ‘sustain’ I’ve gone right back to basics and have decided that for the next few months I’m going to provide some creative nourishment for myself by continuing with the Unearth, Gather, Create ecourse I started last April. I started well and decided I was patiently going to work through the classes, there was so much content that I knew I needed to take my time in order to do it justice, then life took over as summer approached and I found myself, in the studio less and away in my caravan more… Anyway I digress…

I have been inspired to ‘start something’ by a friend of mine who has started a print project for 2015 and seeing the open minded, experimental approach she has taken made me feel as though I needed something similar to kick start my year. Something I can document and record and enjoy, some thing which isnt based on my signature black and white inky style but something I can use to help me try new things, different media, styles etc in the hope that something new can integrate into my work. So here I go again, it’s all very exciting and I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into year course again.

Today I’ve been in the studio, trying out my new easel and my pastels. I’ve logged back into the classroom and have picked up where I left off, getting my journal out and writing lots before I got started. it has reminded me just how good this course is (I can recommend it highly) – the questions and prompts provided in the lessons really do make you think about why we are drawn to the art we are, why we like particular work, marks, colours and how we interpet what we see. I’m already several pages into my journal and ideas are already starting….

BY THE WAY – if you fancy treating yourself to a New Year’s ecourse then there in a new intake for the course on 12th January!!! Check out the website for details…..