Summer update

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Summer update

It has been a while since I last blogged (understatement!!) and I’m pleased to say I finally feel like blogging again, I have things to tell you and things to reflect on from 2015 so far. I’m wondering whether in fact I have any readers left as my blogging his year has been very sporadic and it has been such a long time since the last post. But that trifling little point won’t put me off, I will waffle on regardless and if anyone does pop by for a read well that’s a bonus!

It’s summertime so that can only mean one thing, I have returned to my wandering gypsy habits of the warmer months and am getting full use and the benefit of restful time away in my lovely caravan. Since my first Open Studios Event in May and then the following weekend at Ladybay I have been spending the majority of my time flitting between my working week in my new pharmacy job and getting away from it all for long weekends and weeks away up and down the UK. I love these times especially when the weather is good, and this year we really have fallen lucky with the sunshine and have been making the most of it. I do have a guilty confession though – I haven’t picked up a sketchbook in weeks and have instead been spending my free time walking (doing well on my #walk1000miles challenge) and reading, having treated myself to some great books. Goodnight Mr Tom and Wonder have been two of my faves so far.

Whilst it has been lovely to have a break from the business, it has been great to get back into the studio and take stock after the unexpected success of Open Studios event I did in May. I’m pleased to report this was a fab event, which far exceeded my expectations, and I will definitely be doing another later this year.

As well as the physical tidying up in my studio I’ve also had some time to get my thoughts together regarding plans for the rest of the year and made a couple of difficult decisions about future shows and product ranges. In honour of my word for the year ‘sustenance’ I’m giving myself permission to take my time and not make things unnecessarily difficult, in order to sustain the forward motion of my business. As I’ve been feeling quite separate from my business and creativity over the past few months I knew it would be quite difficult to get started again but there is nothing like a looming deadline to help with motivation. I have a couple of commissions to be getting on with and some plans for working with porcelain too, so I’m feeling quite happy with my progress and, after a couple of inspiring chats with other creative friends I feel a lot happier with the direction I’m heading.

I just need to start ‘doing’ again and get into a more regular habit of drawing, exploring, researching and experimenting – I just need to start and I think that’s the hard bit…