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I’ve really enjoyed the first week of my new ‘changed’ life - for those of you who don’t know I’ve just left my job of 13 years and am now pursuing a less stressful existence, working less hours in paid employment and more in paid self-employment. It was a big step for me to make but I’m pleased that I did. I don’t think I will look back now I’ve done it!

So what have I been up to this week? Well on Sunday night I’m pleased to report the complete absence of that ‘oh-no-it’s-Monday-tomorrow’, that slightly sicky anxious feeling that makes you just want to crack open the wine in an attempt to forget the impending sense of Monday morning. This week instead of my hour commute on Monday morning I walked my dog and then settled down in the studio, putting my Christmas cards into my online shop. Pleased to say the sales are rolling in, get your while you can!!

The rest of the work has involved starting a new temporary contract with the NHS, something completely different from my previous job in a community pharmacy, and something I think I’m really going to enjoy.

On Thursday I attended a fantastic Training Day hosted by Design Factory down at the National Centre for Craft and Design. It was all about Artists in Education and was very timely indeed as I’ve been invited into a school next week. Education was never something I had ever thought I would get into with my creative business, but after the rewarding and enjoyable School Workshop I did last year with writer Lisa Shipman, it has been something I’d love to do again. I’m still a novice but after yesterday I feel more prepared. Today I’ve been working on some new illustrations to take to the school on Monday. they are woodland animals as we are going to do some work on Nature, Seasons and Animals, maybe with a bit of poetry thrown in for good measure.

I’ll let you know how it goes…. wish me luck!!