post christmas ponderings…..

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post christmas ponderings…..

So Christmas is over again for another but I’m enjoying a week off work and loving the fact that I can actually book a week off work between Christmas and New Year and not have anything to worry about. Christmas this year was lovely and peaceful, we had my parents to stay so it was a decidedly ‘grown-up’ affair, with a frosty morning dog walk, a late lunch, presents in moderation, afternoon card games, Downton in the evening and then horse-racing on Boxing Day, an utterly pleasant experience. It even snowed on Boxing Day night so at the moment the fields surrounding us are covered in the white stuff and it’s looking and feeling very seasonally apt outside. Plans were to have a few days away in the caravan but roads aren’t great so I think we will have to wait a while until it improves before we venture out.

I must admit though (and I can’t believe I’m even saying this) I’m starting to feel a bit restless, like I need to be formulating some kind of plan for next year rather than enjoying doing ‘not-very-much’…. I know I should be enjoying being lazy but my mind is whirring with the possibilities of the coming year, actually doing nothing is making my brain go into overdrive, it’s given me the space to think and I’m starting to want to get on with planning. Maybe I just need to be thankful of having time off rather than feeling as though I could be doing lots of other exciting and constructive things. Maybe I just need to sit down and read a good book and make the most of resting and relaxing. Is anyone else feeling this way or is it just me?

If, like me, you find yourself struggling to do nothing and and just enjoy ‘being’ during this inbetweeny bit of the festive holidays, feeling as though you need to be getting on with something, or doing something,  then maybe you will enjoy this article over on the ArtWeb blog – it was in my inbox this morning and it is a great article on alternative resolutions and goals for 2015. It certainly got me thinking…. Here is another lovely article about choosing a word for the year rather than a list of endless resolutions which overwhelm – it gives a great list of questions to ask yourself about things you want to change in the coming year without the need for instructive tasks. If you’re doing the same as me and going with the ‘word’ rather than the goals or resolutions and  struggling to think of what your word can be – this article may help give you some prompts to find it. So there you go, if you want a few sneaky online articles to browse to fire you up for the coming year…. read on!!

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  1. Fiona Wilson
    December 29, 2014

    I think its ok to want to be busy and getting on. Perhaps you feel like you’ve had some good rest and time with family which means your head is ready to get on and think and do stuff. ;)


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