My word for 2015

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My word for 2015

Last year instead of writing New Years resolutions or wish lists a friend of mine suggested I choose a word for the year. I did it last year and loved how it worked for me, and sticking to my word brought me a long way. I was patient, it paid off! I’ve thought long and hard about my word for 2015 – reflecting on the past few years and things that have happened, how I have felt, mulling over things I’ve learned and thinking about my plans for the coming year. After a year of patience which has seen me travel from the verge of giving up my creative pursuits to giving up my job and reevaluating what’s important in life I know that my task for 2015 is all about being able to sustain the balance, and maintain more of a constant, less of the peaks and troughs, although I do appreciate that these cant be avoided, I want to make the peaks less high and the thoughts less shallow.

Over the past few years I’ve learned the hard way about the results of saying yes to everything and the outcomes when you do too much. Whilst that period of hyper-activity was great while it lasted I soon felt burned out and demotivated. So in 2015 I want to be more considered in my actions and my activities, choosing what I do carefully rather than having a scattergun approach and taking up every opportunity that comes along.

I need to be able to sustain my business and my lifestyle (and my sanity) so the word I have chosen is SUSTENANCE - now depending who you ask this can mean

the maintaining of someone or something in life or existence OR

food and drink regarded as a source of strength; nourishment OR

something that maintains or stimulates the intellect

I liked these ideas of nourishment, maintenance, strength, tenacity, continuity and succession – I want to incorporate all of these ideas in 2015 and hopefully this will spill over into my work. I want to make sure I’m putting the the right kind of input into my business as well as my personal life, and I want to make sure I continue to grow and learn as well.

Are you choosing a word for 2015? What’s it going to be and why?