five things I learned in 2014…

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five things I learned in 2014…

Happy New Year to you all!!

After reading a very inspirational blog post by Lisa Congdon about the things she learned in 2014 I thought this would be great concept to use to reflect on my own 2014. Usually at the end of each year and beginning of the next I look through my notebook and come up with a list of things I’ve achieved, which always makes me feel positive about the forward motion of my business and life.

But as I’m always on the lookout for ways to do things differently I thought I’d change tack and look over my last twelve months in terms of what I have learned and what my chosen path has taught me.

1. The importance of listening to my inner voice – at the beginning of the year I’d lost my creative drive and was considering giving it all up and going back to full time hours in my job. I decided on a creative break or sabbatical, I was fed up with how I was feeling and knew I needed head space in order to decide what to do next. I took an ecourse, enrolled on workshops run by other artists, and put myself under absolutely no pressure to create anything new. I knew I needed a break from it, to get myself away from the pressures I’d been putting myself under. I was patient (as per my word for 2014) I learned that is actually ok to do nothing sometimes, to take time to enjoy life – this all helped me to get there in the end.

2. Rejoice in the lows – you can’t force creativity, when it isn’t there you need to give yourself time and space. It’s all part of the process, and you should rejoice in the lows as well as the highs.

3. If something is making you unhappy you can change it – as I’ve said on numerous occasions my job was making me so unhappy that it got to the point that I couldn’t see how I could continue. I was becoming a victim of circumstance and letting it all get to me which made me unhappy, when it was actually within my power to change it. It was a massive step to resign (and I still don’t think I’d have done it without the support of my husband) but once I’d done it, new doors started to open up and I realised with a huge sigh of relief I’d done the right thing. I feel so much more empowered now, happier and more content.

4. You can’t do everything in your business and when you can’t, then find someone who can! I’m not an IT expert and I never will be – but I got my website and online shop up and running in the end. And I learned that when I get stuck it’s better to pay an expert to do the job rather than waste precious time trying to do it myself, hence avoiding hours of frustration and stress! A special thank you goes out to The Design Engine and Creative Asset.

5. I can do this!! And I’m a lot more resourceful and also braver than I thought I was!

So really in 2014 I’ve learned a lot! From being on the verge of giving up my creative business to taking a blind leap of faith and resigning from my job without another job to go to, from setting up my website and online shop to collaborating with Country Living, running my first school workshop and starting a new job – it’s been a year of change, change of heart, change of direction and change of job. I didn’t used to like change at all, but really it’s not so bad!! So I guess that leaves me with another little lesson learned from 2014 – I can ‘DO’ change!!