enjoying the journey…

enjoying the journey…

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, that’s because I haven’t been spending much time in the studio and therefore haven’t really had much to tell you. When I gave up my job last year the idea was to spend three days a week in the studio and work two days at my new ‘temporary’ job. Christmas came and went, life was pretty much stress free compared to previous years and I was enjoying spending more time at home and in the studio.

BUT then opportunities came along and they were too good to say no to. After all I didn’t know if I would have a job after the end of October so I needed to make sure I could earn some decent money while I had the chance. It’s fab that the work came along when it did and I will be cutting back on my hours again soon. It’s frustrating that I have a distinct lack of studio time (for now) but this period of being busy at work (in a job I’m actually enjoying) isn’t quite so bad.


I could spend my time regretting taking on extra hours and not being in the studio but in the long run what does it really matter? I could spend my time thinking ‘why am I working more hours than I was six months ago when the plan was to work less’ but I’m not going to. I’m going to embrace the opportunities and the chance to gain more experience in my job, taking the pressure off myself to live up to my previous idea and expectations of jacking it all in to work on my art full time and I’m going to enjoy it.

During the times I have felt a little twinge of regret that I’m not doing what I had originally planned I’vs realised that I’m missing the whole point. Moving away from the bad stuff was the point, the fact the the new stuff (for now) is slightly different to how I’d imagined it doesn’t really matter. The fact is I’m a lot happier and more fulfilled. The decision to change was the point.


Before you get all worried and think I’m giving up being creative and going full time in pharmacy I must reassure you this is not the case at all. I’m actually only upping my hours temporarily until the end of March and then normal service will resume. I may get time to work on my website, newsletters and new card range soon, but I’m not putting myself under any ridiculous pressures to get these things done right now.

For now, I’m giving myself permission to take my time with my ecourse, providing mind body and soul with the sustenance it needs for the next creative steps, sitting back, getting my hands dirty, playing, experimenting, exploring new ideas – enjoying the journey.

And here are some of the images I’ve been making as part of the Unearth Gather Create ecourse I’m doing. It’s really making me use materials I wouldn’t normally use in ways I never would have before. I can’t wait to see what comes out of it…