coming back to life

coming back to life

A few people have asked me recently whether I’ve given up blogging. My answer was No, I haven’t given up, I just haven’t had anything very much or very interesting to say to you all. Like everything else creative it seems blogging is also a cyclical process for me, sometimes the thoughts and words come easily and sometimes not. I don’t want to repeat myself and rewrite the same things in a different way, as I felt the last few blog posts were, so I’ve been keeping the blog on the back burner, knowing I’d come back to it when I was ready.

Winter has been slow and my energy the same but now that spring is slowly arriving I can feel myself waking up again, I’m feeling more inspired and energetic and I can feel new ideas starting to bubble away in my mind. I’ve been living by my word of the year ‘sustenance’ and have been living a more healthy lifestyle, going to bed earlier, taking more exercise, drinking less alcohol and eating a more balanced diet. As the mornings are becoming lighter I’m finding it easier to get out of bed and I feel like creativity and drive are slowly returning. I feel sustained.

This weekend I took part in one of my favourite selling events – The SOCK Arts and Crafts fair in the Town Hall in Loughborough. This year I was lucky enough to be chosen for a spot in the Gallery with four other artists and which included a two week exhibition before the fair. It proved to be a good time for me to exhibit here and I arrived to set up on Saturday morning with my new range of vases to be welcomed by a sold sticker on one of my originals. I’m happy to say This set that this the tone for the weekend with great sales on both days. It was great to meet customers old and new, chat to other artists and makers and to be part of such a well organised and friendly event.

On return home on Sunday evening I held a facebook print sale to try to sell some of my older print runs which I no longer sell. I posted my first print and waiting with baited breath, wondering whether anyone out there wanted to buy….. And …… I got the most pleasant surprise (I say pleasant surprise, this is an understatement, I was actually GOBSMACKED) at the response . Twenty prints sold out in just under an hour!!!!

So feeling buoyed by the success of the selling event and the print sale I feel my faith in my work has been restored. It has given me a boost, silly as it sounds, seeing people parting with their hard earned cash to buy a piece of my work, enjoying it, chatting to them about my inspiration. I feel lucky to be doing this as part of my working life.

So there are more ideas now bubbling away now, in fact the last few days I’ve had to switch off as the ideas threatened to run riot! I plan to launch a new range of cards later this year based on occasions. I’ve been working on them for a good few months and need to start scanning them in and getting the files off to the printers soon, especially no I have the money to pay for them. I’m going to start working with porcelain (exciting!!) and to expand my product range also and of course there is my Open Studio and the 20th Lady Bay Arts Trail to keep me busy for the spring.

So watch this space for more news. April will see me spending more time on the business once again, after three months of very limited time, so hopefully the fruits of my labours will be evident over the coming months. Exciting times ahead!!