autumn is here

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autumn is here

or so it seems. The warmth of the sun last week seems to have cooled off somewhat and we have had a truly traditional autumnal day today with wind, rain, falling leaves and temperatures to match.

Talking of falling, I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon too, due to the excitement of a birthday-wedding-anniversary-family-get-together weekend. With no pre-planned blog posts in the bag, I decided that life was more important this week and have had a few days off, seeing my new nephew, and going to see the Lion Kind at the theatre. So although I didn’t succeed at the 30 day blogging challenge I set out on two weeks ago, blogging every day for two weeks has most definitely done what I needed it to do and it has got me back in the blogging habit. It has been great to reconnect with my blog audience and read the comments my readers have left. With me taking most of the beginning of the year off I was afraid that everyone would have forgotten me and my humble little blog so it’s been great to see that people are still reading. I don’t think I will continue with the 30 day blogging challenge as I think the next few weeks will be too full of other things for me to even try to do it justice.

I’ll pop in with news of my Christmas Card range as soon as I can, but for the next few weeks I will mostly be working at my other job. I only have three weeks left and in order to tie up loose ends and make sure that I can hand over to my successor properly I’m upping my hours until my last day of 23rd. I’m getting so excited about being able to spend more time on the business from next month and although I will miss my colleagues dearly I think this marks the end of an era and a new chapter in my creative story. Exciting!!!


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