am i too literal for abstract?

Posted on Jan 7, 2015 in Artistic practises, e-courses | No Comments
am i too literal for abstract?

Does my art define who I am or does who I am define my art – identity crisis??!!

If you’ve been following my progress through my ecourse on the blog and social media you will see that I have restarted my lessons of the Unearth Gather Create ecourse again with renewed enthusiasm. Being one of those people who likes to work through things methodically I have picked up where I left off having gone over my old journal notes as a refresher and I feel really excited to be drawing again.


At the moment I’m wrangling with ‘abstract’ and I’ve been spending some time thinking about how and why I’m struggling with the current exercises I’m attempting this week. As the exercise is all about abstract, I’m keen to succeed as this is something I’m really interested in bringing into my work but something I just can’t seem to get my head around it and am finding it difficult to get down on paper what I want to.


I’m concerned about the reasons why I’m finding it so hard and it comes down to an overarching thought that maybe I’m just too literal for abstract. If this is true it disappoints me hugely. I keep asking myself am I struggling because I just can’t do (and will never be able to do) abstract or am I struggling because I just need more practice? I suppose the bigger question here is can I work successfully across different styles or is my ‘true’ style part of my personality, ie cannot be changed. My work has always been very precise and well constructed, involving lots of line, simple shapes and monotone. I followed this initial route way back when I was taking part in a business course and I took advice that this was my stronger work. At the time I was working in lots of different media, some precise and some more loose in style. I took the advice and spent the next few years concentrating on that and building it into my brand.

My heart though, loves colour, abstract, bright, splashy and loose work and I really want to explore this now through this ecourse. I’m just worried that it isn’t in my creative genes make to make art like this…. And I will be gutted if this is the case…. What do you all think? Am I over thinking and do I just need to loosen up and get over myself or does anyone struggle with this?


What do you think? Can we change our innate artistic style or will we always be what we always have been?? I think I know the answer but then I struggle and it make me question myself again… Can we change who we creatively ‘are’?